Lighted Stable

Lighted Stable

The stable is designed to capture the reality of the humble stable where Jesus was born. The stable depicts stone and stucco walls, weathered log beams and posts and a humble, palm thatched roof. The hay strewn floor and trough imagines the very stable behind the inn on that first Christmas. Included in the stable is a light that shines down on the manger below.

Lighted Stable in now available for all three sizes – Deluxe (14 inch),  Standard (10 inch) and 7 inch sizes of the Real Life Nativity.

Polymer resin. Batteries included.

Lighted Stable –  Deluxe Nativity SOLD OUT

To accompany the Deluxe (14 inch figures) Nativity:  26 1/4 inches wide x 17 inches high x 6 1/2 inches deep.  (Model GFM022)

Price: $99.95

Lighted Stable – for Standard Nativity

To accompany the Standard (10 inch figures)Nativity : 20 inches wide x 12 ¾ high x 5 ½ inches deep.
(Model GFM027)

Price: $76.95

Lighted Stable – 7 Inch Nativity Set

To accompany 7 Inch figures: 15 inches wide x 9 5/8 high x 4 ¼ deep. (Model GFM-032)

Price: $61.95